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Day Laborers Denounce Governor Brown’s Veto of TRUST Act, Pledge to Continue Fighting President’s Secure Communities Mass Deportation Program

In response to Governor Brown’s veto of the TRUST Act (AB 1081), Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement:

“By vetoing the TRUST Act Governor Brown has failed California’s immigrant communities, imperiling civil rights and leaving us all less safe. The President’s disastrous Secure Communities program is replicating Arizona’s model of immigration enforcement nationally, causing a human rights crisis. Immigration and Customs Enforcement strong-armed the Governor to defend its deportation quota instead of defending Californian’s rights. On this sad day, we renew our commitment to fight to keep our families together despite the Governor and the President’s insistence on seeing them torn apart.” Continue reading

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Immigration Enforcement Pushback Moves Forward In California

Opponents of the controversial immigration enforcement program Secure Communities won a small but significant victory on Tuesday when a California State Senate committee approved a bill meant to narrow the program’s scope to only dangerous felons.

The bill, called the TRUST Act, was introduced by Democratic Assembly Member Tom Ammiano in response to concerns with Secure Communities, which uses fingerprints taken by local police to detect and detain undocumented immigrants. Since the state cannot opt-out of the program, the TRUST Act is meant to do the next best thing: limit Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s use of local police to only serious offenders. Continue reading

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CA Senate Committee Approves TRUST Act

The California State Senate’s Public Safety Committee on Tuesday approved, by a vote of 5 to 2, the new version of the TRUST Act (AB 1081), introduced by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano). If enacted, the bill would change California’s participation in the Secure Communities program. Although local police would still be required to send fingerprint data of all arrestees to a federal immigration database, the TRUST Act would allow local governments to limit the detention of immigrants in local jails for deportation. The bill now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration. Continue reading

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DOJ suit against Arpaio prompts swift reaction

It is very clear a dispute has broken out between the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, and it’s forcing a dilemma for the White House. The DOJ is arriving late to a civil rights crime scene caused in large part by the Department of Homeland Security. Janet Napolitano got Arpaio his immigration badge when she was governor, and rather than correct her mistake as Secretary of DHS, she chose to create more Arpaios by expanding the dangerous ‘Secure Communities’ (SCOMM) program throughout the country. The case of Joe Arpaio demonstrates Secretary Napolitano’s decision to make police ‘force multipliers’ in the immigration context has multiplied the force of civil rights violations. The DOJ action today will heighten demands on the White House to intervene and suspend Secure Communities. Continue reading

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Primera Asamblea Estatal de Comites Populares en Georgia – 24 y 25 de Marzo, 2012

Entre Juegos, Cantos, Música, Arte, Cultura se llevó a cabo la primera Asamblea Estatal de Comités Populares en el estado de Georgia, compartiendo las experiencias en la búsqueda de soluciones colectivas ante los desafíos que impactan la vida cotidiana de la comunidad inmigrante. Con miradas tímidas, y expectantes, desde muy temprano familias de inmigrantes provenientes de las diferentes zonas del Estado dijeron PRESENTE al esfuerzo organizativo, así, comités populares, organizaciones locales, y organizaciones hermanas unieron sus esfuerzos para el trabajo de lucha por la defensa de los derechos humanos. Continue reading

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AFL Calls for Suspension of S-Comm

The letter expresses serious concern with the Department of Justice findings of racial profiling of Latinos and other civil rights violations by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, headed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It also notes that the Justice Department findings demonstrate abuse can happen when Homeland Security is actively collaborating with enforcement agencies through the Secure Communities program as well as informally with local law enforcement agencies. Continue reading

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Tell ICE’s Southern Office: Don’t Stand Between Us and Our Civil Rights

The Obama administration has announced that Immigration Enforcement’s regional field offices now are empowered to use their discretion with who is or is not deported. Last August, ICE’s Southern Field Director in New Orleans, Scott Sutterfield, coordinated the violent ambush of thirty workers in New Orleans who had gathered to receive their paychecks. Now, the New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice and community leaders across the South in demanding Mr. Sutterfield attend a town hall meeting on the state of civil rights in the era of Alabama-style hate.You can support their call with three quick steps:

1. Watch the video about their case
2. Sign the petition calling for a town hall meeting
3. Ask five friends to do the same. Continue reading

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New Report: Secure Communities Dragnet Includes US Citizens

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) welcome the publication of a new report by the Warren Institute at UC Berkeley School of Law that exposes the violations of the rights of both citizens and non-citizens alike by the Secure Communities program. Released on the heels of the hard-hitting PBS expose, Lost in Detention, the new report, “SecureCommunities by the Numbers: An Analysis of Demographics and Due Process,” is the first in a series to analyze federal government data related to Secure Communities obtained through the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, NDLON v. ICE, brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights, NDLON and the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. It exposes serious due process concerns with the continued implementation and expansion of the program. Continue reading

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Detention Watch Network calls for Dignity, Not Detention on 15-year anniversary of controversial immigration law

A wide range of faith, immigrant rights, and
community-based organizations joined Detention Watch Network (DWN)
today to announce the launch of its “Dignity, Not Detention” campaign,
calling on Congress to repeal all laws mandating the detention of
immigrants. Continue reading

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It’s time for LGBTQ Groups to “Come Out” Against the ICE “Secure Communities” Program!

As we celebrate National Coming Out Day – a day to stand up for who we are, honor our individual and collective power, and stand up for what we believe in – dozens of LGBT groups are “coming out” against a federal program that places thousands of LGBTQ people and communities at risk of violence and violations of our human rights. Continue reading

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