Restoring Trust Campaign

Restoring Trust LogoThe Restoring Trust campaign urges local officials to not be accomplices to detention and deportation. Specifically we ask them to not comply with voluntary requests from ICE to hold and turn over people for deportation. A growing number of cities have enacted these progressive policies,including Washington DC, Santa Clara, CA, and Cook County, Illinois and more.

Together we’re forging an alternative to the Arizonification of our country.

For critical resources (factsheets, enacted policies, toolkits) click here:

To connect with our partners at the Interfaith Immigration Coalition click here:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the national week of action July 9-13th! Over 14 cities working to pass ordinances and policies to restore trust in our communities.

Support the California TRUST Act!

The California state legislature has passed the TRUST act–a bill that will protect thousands of families against the threat of deportation. We need your help to get CA Gov. Jerry Brown to sign this legislation!

Please support the passage of the CA TRUST Act by sending an “organizational support letter” LINK

If you’re an individual and resident of California you can SIGN THE PETITION HERE.


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  4. Angela says:

    Join us at 6:40 pm to view the moving documentary of the Sojourner Visitation Program and learn about a visitation project of the local Otay Immigrant Detention Facility. Tuesday, July 10, 2012, at the South Bay campus of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, 970 Broadway; Chula Vista, CA 91911.

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