Mr. President, Don’t Expand Deportations in Tennessee.

Knox County, TN needs the nation to rally in support. Under the banner of “United Against Racism,” community members there have held weekly protests to stop the Sheriff, JJ Jones, from signing the County up for a racial profiling deportation program. 

Even though the President himself has proposed phasing out the discredited 287(g) deportation program, Knox is one of two places that will see the program’s expansion this Summer unless we stop it.

Please sign this petition to President Obama and DHS Secretary Napolitano asking them to do as they proposed and end the 287(g) program, don’t expand it in Knox County.

“Mr. President, 

Please listen to the community of Knox County. 287(g) should be ended not expanded.

Knox County families belong together. It’s police and ICE that should be separated.”


For Background Info, Click here

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