Turning the Tide seeks to create a coordinated network of community organizations to build power in our communities in order to turn the tide against criminalization.

We believe that confronting and overcoming criminalization will necessarily result in legalization, expansion of civil rights protections, and the amplification of shared prosperity. Moreover, we believe such an effort can, and must, be rooted in communities and led by those impacted by unjust status quo laws.

The Turning the Tide Campaign is a collective effort of communities and organizations across the country unified to confront the growing wave of criminalization and separation of immigrant families. The campaign is rooted in local organizing that seeks to resist and move away from bigotry, hatred, and attrition in order to advance human rights, tolerance, and inclusion.

Participants Believe:
  • We Build Power from the Bottom Up
  • We Work for Legalization with Dignity and Reject Criminalization
  • Affected People are Leaders, Not Objects
  • A Movement Seeking Inclusion Must be Inclusive
  • In Uplifting the Voices of Women, Children and Marginalized Communities.

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