Stop ICE Access - Phialdelphia

End the PARS Contract

The New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia alongside many other faith-based and immigrant rights groups are fighting for a more just and welcoming Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia operates the failed Secure Communities Program.  In addition, we have policy that is essentially S.Comm on steroids called the PARS contract.  Through the PARS contract, ICE has access to a police database that lists the country of origin of any individual in police custody.  ICE then has the ability to come and interview any person in police custody who is “foreign-born.”  This contract causes tremendous harm to families living and working in Philadelphia, violates civil and human rights, creates fear of police, damages public safety which is a threat to us all.

Based in a tradition of faith-based social justice, we emphasize the telling of stories to give voice to injustices faced by immigrants. We educate allied congregations about immigration issues and immigrant congregations about their rights. Through this education we are creating a network that advocates for the end of all collaboration between the Philadelphia Police Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Together we a building a Philadelphia that reflects our values of hospitality, welcome, justice, and dignity.

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